Lazy Days
© Christine M. Miller-Ramey 2012 

Every once in a while, I need a day to do nothing and just relax.  I enjoy where I live as I live on a large piece of property that my father runs as part of his job. We live on a church retreat center where he operates the goings and comings of everything here. Large and small church groups come to spend a week with us. Or a weekend, but whatever the case, it’s a nice place to come and be a part of it all.

Living here is great. I live at home with my parents due to my recent separation as well as my health issues. It was hard to come back home and get reacquainted with everything. Starting over, and adjusting to a brand new life wasn’t always easy for me, but because of my health issues I was forced too. Now, that I’m feeling somewhat better and living a normal life again I have hopes of one day being able to move out on my own again, but until then I simply have learned to enjoy life at home.

I love that our property has so many beautiful trees and it is so nice to relax underneath them on one of my lazy days. Sometimes, I’ll take time to walk with my dogs and we will go and lay out around them with my dogs beside me. I have two dogs. You’ve already met Betty on the last post. Soon, I’ll be talking about Harley my shitzu as soon as I can. I love them both. I enjoy spending my free time with them and with my family here on the property.

Occasionally, I’ll take a nice walk around if I have the energy to do so. It’s great to get out every once in a while and enjoy the smell of fresh air and grass. The roses and other flowers along my walk, however, due to living in Florida the heat can be unmanageable at times. So that makes walking on a regular basis quite difficult to do here. Still, I’ve learned to adjust and take my walk at night in the cool of the evening.

I enjoy listening to the rustle of the water on our small pond. Listening to the bird’s chirps in the trees and watching as the squirrels run down them. Enjoying the pleasant scenery of deer’s and other wildlife that live around us, it’s quite pleasant on a lazy day. I can’t complain too much about where I live except for living in a two story home. I have a lot of difficulties getting up and down my stairs as I live on the top floor. I manage okay, but some nights it’s difficult due to my knees giving out as I believe I have arthritis to boot, but it has not been proven yet. Getting some test done on my knees soon to see what is really going on. Because, it does get pretty bad at times, especially in the winter when the air is just turning to that freezing point, my knees ache about the time I just get going up the stairs. It’s so hard, but I’ve managed so far.

However, I love being in the country and hearing the sounds of winds blowing and the animals living their wild lives around us. It’s wonderful. Yet, there are parts of me that would still love to live in the city too. I can’t quite make up my mind where I’d like to live the most if I ever got the opportunity. But in time, I guess I’ll know when it’s right.

So for now, I’ll enjoy my days here and enjoy my walks with my dogs. Being lazy and enjoying the sounds of wild life and all the things that God has created for us to enjoy. 

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